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Logical Admin® has been providing top-notch I.T. services to businesses, government entities, and non-profits since 2000. Providing them a comprehensive yet cost-effective I.T. solution, as well as support and maintain your entire technical infrastructure, employees, and tactical business initiatives. We will Provide a support framework that allows us to fix your technical issues before they become critical. Ensuring that your investments in technology are aligned with your business goals and objectives. Our service packages are completely flat fee base and will meet the needs of each individual customer. We understand that each business is unique and so are the technologies it needs to perform at its best. We consider everything from the number and types of devices used, the amount of information that needs to be dealt with and Your budget, when tailoring a solution for you.

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Are you Fed Up With Computer and Network Problems? Logical Admin I.T. Support and I.T. Management is the answer, bringing predictability and reliability to your technology We Spend the time necessary to get to know your business, your budget and just what you expect us to deliver. Prevent potential disasters in computer support such as unexpected down time and data loss disasters, instead of reacting to the fire. Ensure each and every I.T. Consulting recommendation we make, by giving you our 100% guarantee.


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We can provide your company a comprehensive yet cost-effective solution for the ongoing management, support and maintenance of your entire technical infrastructure ,Read more

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We offer a 10 day trial of Our Support Service.  That's how much we trust in what we do. We are a flat rate services company. We never charge more then we have quoted You. All Techs are Located in the United States. Call  today for more information 404.902.0000

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